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Whether you need more money or more clients, or the right tools, people, and processes — everything comes back to how you grow and sustain your business.

Our Solution

Our Solution

We start with an assessment of your business. We take a deep dive into its strengths and weaknesses and provide a clear report listing gaps and opportunities. Then we work with you to prioritize your next steps.


Our Tools


Don’t struggle on your own. We work with businesses at all stages: from startups to respected medium-sized businesses. Together, we’ll develop a plan that empowers you and your business to thrive. We’ll help you get your arms around what’s working and what’s not.





We excel at turning big ideas into action, converting strategy into messages that are grounded in how you want customers to experience your products and services. From websites and SEO to social media and email to traditional printed collateral and catalogs, we can help you perfect your message and find your audience.

Branding is more than just a logo—it is understanding your business’ unique value and translating it into a complete identity that defines its visual style and written voice.

We take a multidisciplinary approach to create your brand’s voice, understand your customers, and then find the words, images, and platforms to tell your story. We focus on uncovering why you—not just what you do or how you do it. Then we provide the creative services to take your business to the next level.

From lead pages to full e-commerce and subscription sites, we can help you build a Web presence that fits your business and your goals.

Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, or the next hot platform, we make it easy to spread your message and grow your brand.

We Give Owners the Tools to Love Their Business Again

We work with owners every day who love what they do but feel frustrated by their businesses. We help them see clearly where their gaps are and then give them the tools to move forward. We combine proven methods and common sense with innovative problem solving to find solutions to our client’s toughest challenges.

What are They Saying?

“Working with Barb and Marc directly is a great experience. Each brings a different perspective to the table. Sitting down with them and going over our business plan and strategy has become a key process for our firm’s development. Their knowledge of business and the energy they bring really lets our planning sessions to fit perfectly with our business goals.”
“When I started working with Bill at 1CB it was to boost my online presence, specifically on LinkedIn… Within a few weeks I got my first lead and wrote a new business proposal for a prospective client I’d never met before. Evidently, he had seen my profile on LinkedIn and was interested in my services. I really appreciate Bill’s expertise and ability to communicate that knowledge in a way that resonated with me. He is a great teacher and I am a grateful student!”

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Not sure what you need? Start with an assessment. We’ll help you understand the unique challenges facing your business and how to solve them. We get to the root of the problem and offer complete solutions. Grow your business with us.